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Project Description
SlideShowDFG2 makes it eaiser for people with websites that employ Vertigo's Slide.Show software on their pages. This program simplifies managing the data file if you use the XmlDataProvider. It is written in C# with WPF.

This is a replacement for my original data file generator. This will now edit existing data files versus creating a new one each time with support for editing over FTP in addition to locally, video resizing support using FFmpeg

FFmpeg Usage**
FFmpeg isn't distrubuted with SlideShowDFG2 and must be downloaded from
For the video size option in the settings window, the option can either be WidthxHeight or a supported abbrevation. See this page for more information

When you first launch SlideShowDFG2, this window will display
Select the option that best describes what you want to do.

Local File System
Use the file browser to select an existing data file or create a new one
Fill in the window with the information to connect to your FTP host

Once you have completed the previous steps, you should see this:

Now lets add an album, click the "Create New Album Button", this should appear
Fill the title and description boxes with what you want to say.

To add slides to the album you just created, select the album and click "Add New Slide"
Add Slide.JPG
Click browse to browse for an image and select it. Then enter your own title and description or click "Get Title from Metadata" and "Get Description from Metadata" buttons.
Click the "Okay" button to continute.

You have just added you first slide!

Video handling is supported if FFmpeg is installed on the system, adding a video works in the same way as adding a slide, except the preview is handled in a different window.

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